Happy Dog Harness

Happy Dog Harness Complete Reflective harness. Made up of three pieces - top, Y front and girth. All parts interchangeable to get best fit possible for dog. Each piece can be bought separately - please see below for information on individual items and sizes. A car harness and a Happy Dog harness (or any other “walking” harness ) are two different pieces of equipment made for different purposes. A good car harness is reinforced for safety aspects and should protect the dog in case of an accident.

However, the fabric that is used for this type of harness is very rigid and thick. The car harness is not designed to bear / spread the load in the same places as a walking harness, and for both of these reasons it is uncomfortable for the dog to walk when wearing one and may harm the joints and back and there have also been reports of skin damage.

A harness specifically designed for walking your dog like a happy dog harness are more comfortable, flexible and the fabric that is used is light in weight. A good walking harness should spread the dog’s weight and should have no fixtures that interfere with movement. We strongly recommend using the
appropriate equipment for the purposes for which it is designed.

ALSO AVAILABLE : Mini Harness for very small dogs. Please ask about availability.

Download Happy Dog Harness Measuring Advice here

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